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Helmholtz Centre Potsdam, Germany, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
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05 / 2020
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Telegrafenberg Science Location
The newly constructed stand-alone building concludes the existing ensemble of buildings that make up the ‘Telegrafenberg’ Science Park. The new research laboratories are designed to optimise the examination of microbiological, geochemical and geological processes. They are centralised in the clearly defined laboratory stacked over three levels of the building that in total has five floors. The hub is divided into offices, server rooms, storage facilities for dangerous substances and a separable seminar room with attached roof terrace.

The facade continues the division within the building itself, emphasising initially the three laboratory floors. Its design reinforces the theme of the flexibility required of modern research buildings by drawing out the storey ceilings and corners of the building and creating the impression of a ‘rack’. The modules of the ‘rack’ are then fitted out with windows or closed elements, depending on the need. These are formed as a ceramic façade, an allusion to the clinker bricks used at the Telegrafenberg.