Forensic Institute Drezno, Niemcy

Saksonia reprezentowany przez Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement, Drezno, Niemcy
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05 / 2022
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Scientific expertise for the police
In the highly fragmented, heterogeneous environment of the future forensic institute, its design sets clear edges and spatial relationships. These develop from both the topography and the existing visual and development axes. The clear and flexible floor plan develops around a central courtyard. Of particular importance is the meaningful zoning of individual departments as well as the separation of particularly sensitive departments, such as the restricted area for firearms.

The long sides of the courtyard are each flanked by laboratory zones that are flexible and adaptable in their spatial depth. The basement office houses the laboratories for firearm testing and the vibration-sensitive scanning electron microscope (SEM). The clear building structure is also reflected in the strictly gridded façade. The bronze-coloured, warm shimmering metal façade of the courtyard stands in marked contrast to the cool natural stone facade in the exterior.